Reality Based Group — Mystery Shopping Company

Reality Based Group is a mystery shopping company based in Austin Texas. If you’re looking for more mystery shopping companies to sign up with, this seems like a good option. They’ve had a variety of assignments including “time share” evaluations, oil changes, and ‘steak house’ assignments.

Some of Reality Based Group’s assignments require the use of audio recording equipment.

They are accredited by the BBB, and feedback on various mystery shopping forums is positive. They are a legitimate mystery shopping company, with real assignments. They pay you to shop, not the other way around.

Reality Based Group has audio recording assignments, video mystery shopping, telephone assignments, and retail assignments of many types.

If you’re interested in signing up with them, here’s their website:
Reality Based Group

Scam Warning: While this is a real company, beware of scammers who may be impersonating this company. This is pretty easy to avoid: If you ever recieve a large check in the mail from any “mystery shopping company,” including Reality Based Group, it is fake! Do not deposit it. Do not wire any money. Pretty simple.

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