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How to DIVE IN and SUCCEED as a Mystery Shopper

If you want to be a mystery shopper, there is something that you need to get straight: Mystery Shopping is WORK. Its a way to make money — And it can be fun, down-right rewarding, flexible, and all sorts of … Continue reading

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How to Apply to Dozens of Companies in 5 Minutes or Less

Ok…this is very cool.  There is a way to submit an application to all of the companies that use “Prophet” mystery shopping software, by filling out just one short form. There is an unscrupulous person out there who is selling … Continue reading

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How much do you make per minute?

If you want to start making more money as a mystery shopper, then one of the best things you can do is calculate the “earnings per minute” of the mystery shopping assignments you do. You might be surprised at how … Continue reading

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Practical Tips for New Shoppers from a Mystery Shopping Scheduler

This is a guest post written by KSSJudith, a member of Thank you Judith! Here are a few tips for new shoppers, from a scheduler’s perspective. These tips are designed to help you earn the title of “Rockstar Shopper” … Continue reading

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8 Tips to Make Mystery Shopping Easier

This is a guest post written by Tabitha, a member of the forum. Also, please note that any tax information is not guaranteed to be accurate (You know I have to say that!) I see a bunch of newbies … Continue reading

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The Secret List of SassieShop Companies

Sassie is a web-based reporting software that mystery shopping companies use to schedule assignments, and receive reports from their shoppers. There are a lot of companies that use the SassieShop system…and this works to your advantage because almost all of … Continue reading

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Two EASY Rules for Better Writing

One of the most important skills you can always improve as a mystery shopper is your ability to write. High quality writing is almost guaranteed instantly put you at the top of the list for any mystery shopping company. Which … Continue reading

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The Worst Mistake Any New Mystery Shopper Could Possibly Make

I receive a lot of emails from people getting started with mystery shopping. A lot of the time they thank me for the help I’ve given them. But just as often, they ask how they can get more assignments, or … Continue reading

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