The Secret List of SassieShop Companies

Sassie is a web-based reporting software that mystery shopping companies use to schedule assignments, and receive reports from their shoppers. There are a lot of companies that use the SassieShop system…and this works to your advantage because almost all of the applications for these companies are nearly identical. Unfortunately, SassieShop isn’t allowed to say who those companies are. Lucky for you, I am allowed. So, without further ado, here is a list of over 40 mystery shopping company’s hard-to-find urls that take you directly to sites waiting for you to sign up for to be a mystery shopper.

I’ll give you a little google trick to help you find a some more sassie mystery shopping companies. Search google with the query “ SHOPPER SIGN UP FORM” (without the quotes.) This will find all the signup pages google has found on the domain name.

Without further ado…here’s the list that I have compiled for you:

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85 Responses to The Secret List of SassieShop Companies

  1. George J. says:

    After doing the so called mystery shopping for 6 months, here’s the real deal.If you do any shop for less than $18.00 and it takes more than 30 minutes and 30 minutes drive time plus gas and 15 minutes to fill out paper work,download photo’s,or anything else,go to work at 7 Eleven part time–you will make more money.And get paid every week not 30 to 45 days down the road.

    Mystery shopping 101.

  2. Barbara says:

    I am just getting started (have not gotten my 1st yet). I am tryig to get in with several companies but am finding that alot are requiring a purchase to upgrade where you can get jobs or some that are requiring purchase of merchandise. I want to earn money not have to pay. Is this something that can be managed easily or do I have to juggle email addresses, passwords, pins etc. I am abour to get frustrated.

  3. celestine says:

    notify me .I want to be number 1.

  4. kay says:

    Which companies in Australia?

  5. Frank says:

    What a joke, you all think this is work? try to get a real job. I wish there was a way for companies to rate the kind of job you all do. ABSOLUTLY PATHETIC!

  6. Benjamin K. Fontana says:

    You idiots do realize that the people that you are “grading” actually get in trouble for negative feedback that you provide. Some have even lost their jobs. These so-called “shoppers” dont’t take in to account how busy the target is at the time, or that the phone is ringing off of the hook, or that their boss called in sick that day and they are covering his shift. Hope the $18 is worth it for screwing someone over making hourly wages with kids to feed. Karma is a powerful thing, don’t jerk with it.

  7. Frances says:

    In reply to Benjamin
    Mystery Shoppers that are good at what they do know how to be objective. If an employee is not doing their job that is the point of the companies using mystery shoppers. We are aware of the fact that our reports may affect people’s lives, however, if you are doing a good job you have nothing to fear. Rarely does someone loose a job over one report, however, if the same report comes from numerous Mystery Shoppers there in lays the problem. As for the others here that criticize mystery shopping don’t knock it. Mystery shopping is not for everyone but for those of us that need a little extra money and enjoy it, mystery shopping is GREAT!
    Thanks Jacob for all you do!

  8. Gabrielle says:

    Obviously Benjamin was not doing his job correctly and got fired. Sorry to hear that Benjanmin :(
    But to all other, mystery shopping is a great way to earn some extra cash while doing what some of us love to do….shop!!!

  9. Andrew says:


    The entire purpose for a company owner to utilize mystery shoppers is to ensure that the services they provide to their customers are to the level they they (the owner) expect or desire. I suspect this imaginary scenario I am about to set would be far from the realm of reality, but pretend for a moment that YOU were an owner of a business. Let’s say a small, non-chain single store pizzaria. Employees are always on their toes when you are around, but you can’t be around all the time. How do they treat the customers when they KNOW you are gone?? Are they keeping the facility clean to the standards that you expect and require? Such things, particularly to a potentially growing business are of tantamount importance, since they represent the OWNER. Would you as the owner suddenly CARE that an employee is being rude, even when the phone is ringing off the hook, and lines are piling up?? Or even perhaps the opposite is JUST as important, that DESPITE the fact that phones were ringing off the hook and the line was backed up to the door the employee smiled and tried their best to give me at least a moment of personal attention….

    Information is reported OBJECTIVELY, not SUBJECTIVELY. If you don’t know the difference, then look it up.

  10. Brian says:

    I agree that Mystery Shopping isn’t a lucrative job, but if you’re trying to fill a small financial gap or save up for something you want to splurge on, it’s a great option. I particularly like restaurant shops because I get to try new places, eat free *and* get paid, and I tend to eat out less outside of mystery shopping so I save money that way, too. Yes, you could probably make more at 7-11, but mystery shopping is more fun, has more variety, and is more flexible, something I value highly right now.

    Definitely be objective and report things as you see them. There are occasionally places for personal comments, but they should always be professional and helpful. Approach the job from the perspective of a business owner, and yes, always be aware that your reports can directly affect employees. I always ask myself, “if I find out an employee was reprimanded or fired because of my report and that employee confronts me, would I be able to confidently defend my report?”

    One last thing, remember that mystery shoppers are legally independent contractors. As such, if you make $600 or more from any one company in a year, your income is getting reported and you’re getting a 1099, which means you’ll have to report that extra income and pay taxes on it! Keep track of your non-reimbursed expenses (e.g., gas, tolls, parking fees, etc.) so you’re able to deduct them as a business expense if you need to.

  11. Trisha says:

    At my job we are fully aware we “get shopped” once a month. We never know who it is or when they are coming. But we do get to see their report and if we pass at 100% we get a bonus! So it’s something that works for the company I work for. Plus it’s nice to know who is doing their job correctly and who needs to be replaced!
    I recently did a shop for a place in town and was so happy when the phone call I did, for part of the shop, went well! The pure thought of an average employees boss knowing this person does his job well should be great when it comes time for his review! Hopefully he gets a big raise :)

  12. Bertram Halaas says:

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  13. Shopper guy says:

    Yes, I guess Benjamin was the sore thumb in this crowd. Sorry Benjamin, but as a 6 year shopper I have to agree with the others. I can see the frustration from an employees point of view. However, the employee has a lot of pull in how they are evaluated based on how they handle a hard day. In fact, I was shopped as an employee at a major nationwide department store and received a 100% score on the hardest day I ever worked. I just cared about the customer and noticed people. I said “Hello” to everyone even if I could not help them right away. The “greet” portion of my shopping score made up 50% of the score. Just saying “Hello” right away was a great start. As a shopper, I just report what happens when I am there and I do not judge whether or not the employee did their job. If they greet me in 4 minutes, that is what I report. I do not say, “I can’t believe it took 4 minutes to help me.” I would be a jerk if that was the kind of shopping I did. The client hiring a shopping company will decide if their employee did well or not. Just do your best Benjamin, and you will do fine. I don’t bite, I just report. I promise to do a Coffee Shop (guess where) before I come evaluate you, so you won’t think I didn’t have my coffee that day. :)

  14. Denise H says:

    I have recently started some secret shops. I love it. I can get food for free. Get a little money to buy my grandchild diapers and I am very objective. A good shopper knows if things are hectic someone you need to take that into consideration. Apartment shops are always great too. They are a lot of work, but I hit 2-4 a day and when the money comes 1 1/2 months later I will be blessed. Go secret shoppers. With todays economy, it is very hard to get any extra work doing anything.

  15. Jennifer says:

    In reply to barbara. If your getting told you need to pay to upgrade, you are in the wrong place. Start with the list above that was created. And join groups on facebook such as and get in touch with REAL shoppers and companies.

  16. Vanessa says:

    Secret shopping is great! I did a bunch in October, and then in November, I lost my job. The money that came in from those shops has saved my life, and kept me off the streets. I’ve been doing a bunch now as I work part time at a diner and continue a job hunt. Quite honestly, secret shopping has saved my life. Any way to make extra cash doing something simple is never a problem. And I too do not write harsh criticism, I just state the facts. It’s not my place to judge people, just the way I wouldn’t want someone to have judged me when I worked in retail.

    Btw, I funded an entire trip to Pittsburgh, and made extra money, doing secret shops along the route. How can this be a bad thing?

  17. Ronald C. says:

    I’ve been on both sides the the counter. I used to work for Lord & Taylor 8 years in the Fine Jewlery Department and I always tried to give superior service, because it supported the brand name. Sometimes, I get second thoughts about giving an employee a less than stellar review. But, retailers need to know if they have a bad apple because the climate has changed and there are a lot more choices out there. Nordstrom set a higher bar for customer service in retail. It’s funny because the level of service I received in the Nordstrom stores in Mclean and Pentagon City, and Seattle was a lot different than what I received in Cherry Hill. Was it because of demographics and the Washington DC area being more affluent and having higher expectations of service? I don’t know. But, it did turn me off from shopping at the Cherry Hill store. I did speak to one of the salespeople about it.
    Secondly, I’ve been doing mystery shopping for about 1 year now. I wish would of known about it when I was unemployed in February 2009. When I started I gung-ho and wanted to do as many shops as I could to make the money. My company doesn’t pay for health insurance so I figured I’d do enough shops to pay my premiums. But, what I realized was I sacrificed a lot of time to get there and then to do the papaerwork. Now, I’m more selective about shops and the dollar value being offered.
    Now I consistently make at $300.00 dollars a month doing shops. I think November will be my best month because I made at least $800.00, not bad for part-time work, and I did not sacrifice a lot time to get those shops done.

  18. Veteran says:

    I’ve been mystery shopping for 7 years and have worked my way up to some very good paying assignments. The money is there for those who can do some traveling and who earn the respect of their schedulers. There’s no substitute for doing the legwork yourself and researching the legitimate companies online. The information’s there for all to find.

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  20. kate says:

    is i applied for to be a mystery shopper, and so here it goes as this; i recieved the email on for a mystery shopper with SASSIE marketing research company- than i was excepted, and i was emailed 2 jobs they wanted me to do ( WANTED) is the ket word, not done as we speak, then i get a check in the mail for 1,951.50 from a company called (Rochester Institute of technolgy) drawn on a bank called HSBC bank usa,N.A. out of NewYork N.Y. and then the rules stated take 250.00 out for myself,and send western union to a orphange home in malaysia, and spend the rest on WHAT?? is this place a scam or what,,does anyone know??. I’ve been a shopper before and they never, send you a check untill the work is done. and then they remburse the money’s you’ve spent with login sheets online…

  21. nicygrl says:

    Any company that sends you a check to wire money as a “mystery shop” is a scam. True mystery shopping companies DO NOT OFFER JOBS LIKE THAT. Take that check to the police station.

  22. Asa says:

    @ everyone above knocking mystery shopping….. I sometimes can make $100+ an hour without ever leaving the home….chew on that for a while.

  23. Asa says:

    oh yeah, & KATE…. defiantly a scam. Legit mystery shopping companies will almost NEVER send you a check like that though in some cases its not unheard of. What happens is that by the time the check clears after 2 or 3 days the criminals are sitting pretty in “Malaysia” with $2000 while you are in hand cuffs for fraud. The best thing to do is to go to Bank that “issued” the check and have them investigate it before cashing. They will discover that it is a counterfit, keep the check, and the criminals are 1 step closer to getting what they deserve….ARRESTED!

  24. Peggy says:

    You know, I understand that this isn’t the most lucrative business to be in . Not only are you not popular among the stores you are shopping, but you don’t make alot of money at a time. The BEST thing about it is:
    You can still work your full-time job and do mystery shopping to help fill-in the gaps!
    If you have ever managed retail (as I have), you can appreciate a person who is being paid to be objective.
    You are helping to keep an industry alive, and in this economy, that’s a really big task!

    For myself, I work my full-time job and take one day a week to PLAN my shopping. Occassionally, I will pick up one or two and do them at lunch. By planning my shopping day, I usually accomplish several things, like getting my regular personal shopping completed, and make extra bucks doing it.

    If you haven’t done it, don’t complain about it….at least we (as shoppers) are trying to earn an honest living!

  25. Meg says:

    Asa from above, please tell me how you can make $100 an hour without leaving home. I am not being smary nor critical. I would honestly like to know. I have not made $100 a day doing ‘shopping’

    cruiseguy, Southern shopper

  26. Ashley says:

    I agree with Peggy. Mystery shopping is my third job. And I pick shops that are between my house and work so at the end of my day I go and evaluate someone else at their job and then I go home and relax. I will not drive even 30 mins to a shop because it will most likely not be worth it. Pick shops near where you are going already. Go visit a friend and then shop near their house, etc. And if you don’t like it try doing promotions (like handing out samples at Costco). They usually pay more and there is less reporting.

  27. g smile says:

    ath Power Consulting Corporation
    12 Essex St
    Andover, Massachusetts
    phone (978) 474-6464
    fax (978) 474-4161

    ATH Power Consulting
    100 Burtt Rd Ste 200, Andover, MA 01810
    (978) 474-6464
    (978) 474-4161 Fax
    (877) 977-6937 Free

    ATH Power Consulting
    9 Bartlet St
    Andover, MA 01810

    i was sent an email on a cell phone shop i was to pick the locations to go shop with instructions of questions to ask i did six shops which came to $120 that i should of earned but after it was over they claimed i did not do some things right like picking shops that should been approved this is not what i was told, i just was told to pick some shops that was t mobile and some competitors to them so i did like i was told. its a sham people who own this business want to go back on their word by making an excuse that i picked some that was not approved. i was never given a list to pick from so i was not done right on this matter. i hope nobody wants to do work for them cause even though they are a real business this is not right that i was done this way
    i’m doing this to inform others so they do not get ripped off, yes this is a real business

  28. Serena says:

    I started shopping just to make extra money, I have made over 1000.00 in three months. This is for me because I love shopping and I shop during my lunch hour and on my way home. Besides we eat for free and don’t pay to go to restaurants and we get free oil changes.

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  30. Shanena B. says:

    Mystery shopping is the best ever for me. Don’t knock mystery shopping if you don’t know exactly what the process is. I mostly make over $400 a week shopping and most of them are a piece of cake. You just have to know how to pick and choose your shop.

  31. Anonymous says:

    G Smile, I’m not surprised your reports were rejected. I have been shopping for over 5 years and I can’t even figure out what you are babbling on about. It kind of sounds like you requested shops, did them, but were never assigned the work.

    Now that I use shopping to be able to cover the cost of gas and toiletries, it kind of irks me that so many people do this to “fill in the gaps” and make some extra money while they have a full time job. I’ve had my first two interviews in almost a year this past month, and I hate that so many people take shops at ridiculously low rates in my area. This right now is my lively hood and people that aren’t relying on the government to put food on the table are doing them to take a vacation and what not. Must be nice. When I was working and doing shops, it was to cover expenses like oil changes and a meal out (assignments that don’t go fast) because I only made a few hundred a month. That was long before kids.

  32. Jim M says:

    NOTHING WRONG with secret shopping, if you want to earn some money by doing a job, instead of sitting on your duff and expect the money to come rolling for you doing NOTHING.
    At one time, I was doing shopping for five different companies. In reality I was making more during that time than I did in my regular (full time) job, BEFORE I retired. BUT, I was also putting in about 60 hours a week. The pay was great but I had to cut down on my time. I dropped one company, after they found someone for me to train to take my place. Then I dropped another one, after finding someone to take over for me, then another one after another employee was found to take my runs. I finally stopped at one company, BUT, I STILL get calls and emails from good reliable shopping services wanting me to work for them. You do a good job and your name will be “put out there.” I have retired three times now. lol. Only doing 2-4 jobs a month now and FINALLY enjoying my retirement. You may even get the chance to do a weekend getaway or even a 7 day ocean cruise if you submit good reports. No fancying it up, just the truth and what you observed. The Company will decide what is right and what is wrong, when your representative forwards your report to them. A WONDERFUL way for us old retirees to keep active and put a little change in our pockets. You also get the chance to meet some great people, that you shop, along the way. It feels good to be in another store and you see someone that you have “shopped” at another location, and they come up to you and speak to you. I have one business chain now that I have shopped for over 6 years. They know me by name, but have NO IDEA that I am doing shops on them. I also make these stores a part of my regular shopping when I need something they sell.

  33. Becki says:

    I was reading some of the comments left by the mystery shopper bashers, and I want to let it be known that mystery shopping is a very important part of Research & Design. Information that is valuable to the companies having the shops completed is provided and used. I worked in various types of establishments where shoppers came in, and I always knew in advance that any customer could be a shopper. This is how I learned about mystery shopping and why I became a mystery shopper. I work full-time at this.

    Hard to believe, but my educational background in Psychology (graduated with honors in 2007) prepared me for the kind of work I am doing while mystery shopping. Research & Design is a big part of Psychology, and it is to mystery shopping as well.

    So while some of the bashers may think that we are some uneducated people with chips on our shoulders, I would like it to be known that I am a professional, educated, self-employed consultant who offers objective, reliable, and timely results on the assignments I accept. Mystery shopping isn’t the only thing I do, but I do find the assignments available to be lucrative and full-time. I make out a lot better than I would at some entry-level psych position in the mental health field.

    Believe me, as someone who knows what it is like to be shopped…if you are doing your job, you have nothing to worry about! And from the shoppers point of view, I am very careful to be objective and correct about my reporting, as well as to thoroughly explain any statements I make that could be misconstrued BECAUSE someone’s job could be on the line.

    With this being said, have a great day! (And sorry to the guy doing most of the bashing… for whatever your issue is with mystery shoppers…you obviously deserved whatever bad report you got. It shows in your comments!)

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